Silviculture and biomass head

Bracke C16.c is an accumulating felling head for silviculture and biomass applications. The head has a high accumulating capacity and a unique patented cutting solution that provides a very high harvesting capacity. Bracke C16.c can be attached to harvesters, forwarders, and other machines equipped with a boom or crane.

The cutting solution consists of a cutting blade with a ¾” saw chain. The disc’s design always keeps the chain tensioned. Bracke C16.c has a hydraulic piston engine that provides higher production, longer life and lower fuel consumption than the earlier generations.

Efficient silviculture
The Bracke C16.c combines highly efficient clearing with the ability to make use of biomass. This makes the head suited for mechanized felling, such as in sapling clearing, thinning, corridor clearing, crane corridor thinning and clearing along roadsides, fields and power lines.

Service and follow-up program
With Bracke C16.c, a service and follow-up program is included. The program simplifies service, offers the ability to count the number of accumulations and bundles, and gives the operator information on the head’s functions. Adjustment of parameters and trouble shooting can be carried out remotely by service personnel connecting directly to the software in the Bracke C16.c. The program assumes a PC with an operating system of Windows XP or later, and an Internet connection.

Technical specifications
Base machine Harvesters, forwarders, excavators and other machines equipped with a boom or crane
Weight 625 kg
Diameter 795 mm
Capacity 260 mm
Saw chain 3/4"
Hydraulic requirements  
Pressure 170 bar
Flow 140 l/min
Electrical system  
Power 24 V
Control system PCL based
Accessories Levelling

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