Bracke Forest - Disc trencers


Bracke Forest mounders are used to create humus mounds with mineral soil cover, which means optimum planting spots.

Bracke M24.a - Two-row mounder

2-Row mounder

The Bracke M24.a is a light mounder for attachment on a mid-sized base machine. This makes it suitable for smaller sites where high manoeuvrability is prioritised.

Bracke M46.b – Four-row mounder

4-Row mounder

The Bracke M46.b is our most productive scarifier, with a working width of 8.4 m. If you prioritize high production without sacrificing quality, the M46.b is the machine for you! It can be mounted on large base machines and is suitable for both medium and large scarification sites. Thanks to its flexibility, the Bracke M46.b provides very good results on all kinds of mounding sites.

Bracke M36.b – Three-row mounder

3-Row mounder

The Bracke M36.b is a powerful mounder that can be attached to a large base machine. Thanks to its flexibility, the M36.a can be used for both smaller and larger scarification sites.