Bracke M46.b

4-Row mounder

The Bracke M46.b is our most productive scarifier, with a working width of 8.4 m. If you prioritize high production without sacrificing quality, the M46.b is the machine for you! It can be mounted on large base machines and is suitable for both medium and large scarification sites. Thanks to its flexibility, the Bracke M46.b provides very good results on all kinds of mounding sites.

The arms of the Bracke M46.b are articulated so that they give way to fixed obstacles. The outer arms could temporarily be pulled in to avoid obstacles. To adapt to various soil conditions, Bracke M46.b can be delivered with three- or four-pointed mattock wheels. The hydraulics are load-sensing and are connected to the base machine.

Mattock wheel
The design of the mattock wheel combined with easily replaceable tooth plates provides very good results on the planting mounds. The design of the tooth plate allows the edge to maintain its sharpness in operation and the results on the mounds are kept optimal throughout the life of the plate.

Machine control
The Bracke M46.b has its own control system, which means it can easily be installed on forwarders, regardless of make. The display makes the system very user-friendly, and its functions are easy to understand. The mounder is fitted with sensors that send information to the operator, e.g., base machine speed and the rate of rotation of the mattock wheels. The control system has eight programmable operating profiles. The display is used to make settings in the control system and read information from the scarifier. The control system keeps track of the number of mounds of individual sites and in total, and the number of hours worked.

The operator controls the Bracke M46.b from the cab. Depending on changes in the site conditions, one of the preset programs are chosen. The mattock wheels are hydraulically controlled and their rate of rotation is geared to the machine’s speed and the chosen operating program. The Control system enables the operator to set the Bracke M46.b to make mounds or scarify patches of varying lengths, depending on what the surroundings require. The arms can be controlled independently of each other so that they can be run as two or four rows when necessary

Technical specifications  
Prime mover Forwarder/skidder 16-20 ton
Weight 7.200 kg
Mattock wheel Choice of three- or four-pointed
Mattock wheel radius 725 mm
Hydraulic requirements  
Hydraulic pressure 160 bar
Hydraulic Flow 160 l/min
Electrical system  
Power 24 V
Control system PCL based
Accessories Seeder: Bracke S35.a

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