Bracke Forest - Planters and Seeder

Planters & seeders

With the Bracke planter it is possible to conduct the full scope of regeneration work from scarification to planting. The Bracke S35.a seeder could be attached to all Bracke scarifiers.

Bracke P11.a - Planting machine


The Bracke P11.a makes it possible to conduct the full scope of regeneration work from scarification to planting with a single machine. The P11.a provides regeneration of the highest quality and with the greatest possible consideration for environmental and ecological aspects. It is easy to use and is controlled directly from the cab. The operator can choose the planting bed for each individual plant.

Bracke P22.b - Planter


The Bracke P22.b planter is suitable for planting in flat areas as well as sloping terrain. It is a fully mechanized planter that can perform all the planting steps, working in previously subsoiled areas, to establish the new forest.

Bracke S35.a - The intelligent seeder

The intelligent seeder

The Bracke S35.a attaches to a scarifier rig and is used to sow in conjunction with scarification. It can be attached to the Bracke T26.b, the Bracke T28.a, the Bracke T35.b , the Bracke M24.a, the Bracke M36.b and to some older 2 and 3-row scarifiers. The seeder senses the scarifier rig's forward speed and regulates the seed feed accordingly. The seeder can also be synchronized with the scarifier, so that only scarified soil is sown.

Bracke P12.b - Planter


The new Bracke P12.b is the evolution of the P12.a, being more robust and adapted to the Southern Hemisphere. Multifunction equipment such as the P12.b eliminates the traffic of heavy machines needed to execute the same steps, minimizing soil compression.