Bracke P11.a


The Bracke P11.a makes it possible to conduct the full scope of regeneration work from scarification to planting with a single machine. The P11.a provides regeneration of the highest quality and with the greatest possible consideration for environmental and ecological aspects. It is easy to use and is controlled directly from the cab. The operator can choose the planting bed for each individual plant.

Normally, the Bracke P11.a makes a mound of inverted humus, compacts it and sets the plants in the middle of the mound. Mounding is the preferred planting method for most soil types. It is even possible to vary the scarification by raking the ground with the head’s bucket, to make scarification patches, or to plant directly without scarification. All functions are easily controlled from the cab. Whatever the scarification method, the operator can make allowances for naturally regenerating plants and ecological conditions, as well as cultural aspects and relics.

Machine control
The control system, is based on a PLC platform and communicates over a CAN bus. The head is fitted with sensors that send information to the control system about, for example, the planting tube’s position. Adjustment and reading of the planting depth, compaction and other variables is done over the display in the cab and all units in the control system can communicate over the CAN bus. The control system keeps track of the number of plants set in the ground, for both individual sites and in total, and the number of hours worked. The planting and mounding function are controlled effortlessly with two control buttons over the control system.

Targeted planting
The Bracke P11.a delivers effective scarification and planting on all types of soil, from easily worked and fertile ground to stony fields covered in slash. The operator can choose the planting spot for each individual plant and even decide how the planting spots are formed.

Technical specifications  
Base machine Excavator 14 - 20 metric tons
Weight 1100 kg
Hydraulic requirements  
Pressure 125 bar
Flow 100 l/min
Plant type Container plants
Plant magazine & plant pipe  
Standard 60 mm (72 plants)
Option A 50 mm (88 plants)
Option B 70 mm (62 plants)
Option C 60 mm (196 plants)
Standard 600 mm
Option A 500 mm
Electrical system  
Power 24 V
Control system PCL based
Accessories Equipment for additives

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