Bracke S35.a

The intelligent seeder

The Bracke S35.a attaches to a scarifier rig and is used to sow in conjunction with scarification. It can be attached to the Bracke T26.b, the Bracke T28.a, the Bracke T35.b , the Bracke M24.a, the Bracke M36.b and to some older 2 and 3-row scarifiers. The seeder senses the scarifier rig's forward speed and regulates the seed feed accordingly. The seeder can also be synchronized with the scarifier, so that only scarified soil is sown.

The Bracke S35.a is available in two and three-row versions and can be attached to all of our scarifiers as well as mounders and trenchers. The Bracke S35.a senses the prime mover’s forward motion and regulates the seed feed accordingly. The seed feed can also be synchronized with the scarifier, so that only scarified soil is seeded.

Machine control

The control system, is based on a PLC platform and communicates over a CAN bus. The seeder is fitted with sensors that send information to the control system about, for example, the prime mover’s speed. For the two or three sowing channels, or seeding rows used, information is provided in real time on the number of seeds sown for each individual channel. From the display, the operator sets functions, such as the number of seeds sown per meter and intermittent sowing. The control system sounds an alarm if problems arise in the seed feed. Settings are made and information retrieved via the display in the cab. All units communicate over the CAN bus. The control system keeps track of the number of seeds sown, for both individual channel and in total, and the distance sown.

Precision sowing
The Bracke S35.a handles each seed individually. The seed feed’s amount is adjusted, based on germinating capacity and seed weight, depending on what the soil conditions demand. In separate lifting of the scarifier, the respective channel is closed. The seed handling means that sowing in clumps is avoided as are additional costs in the form of excess seed use that leads to unnecessarily large need for clearing. With the Bracke S35.a, precision seeding is done.


Technical specifications  
Is mounted on: Trenchers and mounders
Weight 35 kg
Sowing channels Up to 3
Electrical system  
Power 24 V
Control system PLC based
Seed feed 4 to 25 seeds/meter


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