Bracke P12.b


The new Bracke P12.b is the evolution of the P12.a, being more robust and adapted to the Southern Hemisphere. Multifunction equipment such as the P12.b eliminates the traffic of heavy machines needed to execute the same steps, minimizing soil compression.

This new concept allows the driver to achieve deeper conditions by subsoiling to promote root development. After the soil preparation, the driver positions the planter vertically to plant, and with the new compressing system to improve the fixing quality of the seedlings.

By pressing only one button, the cycle continues after the planting allowing the fertilizer and irrigation systems to run. The fertilizer system ensures to the operator the exact amount throughout the planting site which promotes uniformity to the forests.

The shape of the planter foot was strategically designed to concentrate and accumulate the irrigation water closest to the seedling and it prevents the water to flush away.

In steep terrains using the tilt is essential to get the right verticality for your subsoiling and planting demands.

Technical data  
Base machine Excavator 20 - 24 metric tons
Weight 2.100 kg depending on equipment
Seedlings Containerized
Hydraulic requirements  
Pressure 170 bar
Flow 170 l/min
Electrical system  
Power 24 V

Seedling carousel

196 cells (54 mm)
Rippering tool 400 – 800 mm (depth)
Optional systems  
Fertilizer system Slow release applicator
  Side fertilizer
Irrigation Water and gel


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